The Affordable Housing Trust for Columbus and Franklin County (AHT), established in 2001, acts as an independent, not-for-profit lender to create affordable home ownership and rental housing to working households and seniors. AHT is funded by the City of Columbus and Franklin County Board of Commissioners. In February 2016, AHT became a certified Community Development Financial Insitution (CDFI).


AHT provides loans for affordable rental, supportive and home ownership projects by leveraging private and public lending and investment. Various housing initiatives are financed in the form of construction, acquisition, rehabilitation and below market rate loans, depending on the needs of the project and the income level of households to be served. Oftentimes, the utilization of financing through AHT can help raise market values, stimulate private development and contribute to neighborhood revitalization.

The Affordable Housing Trust facilitates participation by investment through not-for-profit and for-profit developers, thus leveraging its own funding dollars into projects. Resources are directed at builders and developers, rather than individual households helped by other social service organizations.


➢ Serve as a catalyst for the production of affordable homes and apartments

➢ Encourage the development of home ownership in and near employment centers

➢ Invest in affordable, residential development and construction in older and overlooked areas

➢ Allocate the resources available to use in the most efficient and cost effective way possible